The way generations consume video differs from another. Well, some generations prefer to consumer videos on YouTube and Facebook while others prefer television videos when they need information. While speaking about the Gen Z (people born between 1995 – 2015), according to the Sensor Tower, almost every Gen Zers own a smartphone. With smartphones, these generation people not prefer consuming content, but they also act as content creators with live streaming apps!

Live streaming is a technology that sets new standards for communication, service, and marketing. With live-streaming apps, the Gen Zers can stream live videos from their mobile device eliminating the need for heavy equipment, a device with a webcam, etc.

Start with an MVP!


Not only among the Gen Z, but the live streaming craze is also there among other generations. So, your place in the live streaming market is up for the grabs! It’s up to you to choose how you go about it...!

We all know, Periscope is a popular video streaming platform owned by Twitter now! The app lets its users stream live videos via a mobile device. Well, it’s easy to get carried away with a Periscope-like app, but it’s advisable to create an MVP for some reason.

Of course, developing an MVP before the Periscope clone app helps you to examine your app idea! And, it will reveal what your app lacks.

How to reach Gen Z?


Well, once finished developing your live streaming clone app, it’s up to promote your app in the eyesight of Gen Zers and millennials. As Gen Zers prefer interacting more with brands on YouTube, you can advertise your app on this platform. Moreover, you can even partner with influencers to reach out to your Gen Z audience.



Now that you know an overview of how to capitalize on the live streaming craze among the Gen Z, if you find this app idea interesting, go ahead! Choose a perfect app development company to develop your Periscope clone app.

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